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This website is a toolbox for civil society organisations in their fight against corruption, fraught and abuse of funds in international development cooperation. The site is hosted by CISU, a platform for Danish CSO's engaged in international development. The site is funded by Danida, the Danish state development agency.




A note on the office wall of a Kenyan NGO - reminding staff and volunteers about Kenya's 2009 position on the Corruption Perceptions Index.








Hosting: The Project Advice & Training Centre, CISU

This website is initiated and hosted by the Civil Societies in Development (CISU), an independent association of 250+ small and medium-sized Danish civil society organisations. All members engaged in development cooperation through partnerships with local organisations in Asia, Africa or Latin America – either as a main focus or as part of activities. 


Survey data from Denmark: One in Four CSO has experienced Corruption

According to survey data, one in four of the CISU member organisations has experienced corruption, fraud or abuse in their cooperation with partners in the South. Some 40% have experienced dilemmas and uncertainty in gray zones, i.e. in relation to the recruitment of employees or per diems.

  • Problems among the CISU members are often seen in relation to private car use, advances of wages, incorrect calculations of per diem and travel fees, simple theft, etc.
  • In other cases, corruption are experienced in relation to the surrounding community, i.e.  'greasing' of officials.
  • In most cases, problems are solved with agreements of reimbursement, layoffs and changes in control procedures, but in rare cases, the Danish organisation has suspended cooperation with its partner.


The survey shows, that the issue of prevention of corruption, fraud and abuse is high on the agenda in most organisations, and that organisations generally are fine with putting an issue on the agenda within the partnerships. However, according to the data, nearly 40% finds it difficult in practice to figure out where to start exactly and to point out if agreements and procedures are adhered to.


This website is part of the answer to that problem.


The survey and background material is available here (in Danish).


Solutions: Put Corruption on the Agenda!

Everyboody has a responsibility to fight corruption in development cooperation: Donors, partners and implementing organisations - including management, staff, board, members, volunteers and other stakeholders. 



We have the liberty to decide, how we approach corruption. This website wants to give people and organisations inspiration, encouragement and practical tools to put corruption on the agenda. Tools and materials presented are developed specifically for NGOs and CSOs in both North and South to fight corruption and to keep our organisations and partnerships alert.


Practical Facts:

The material on the website is edited by CISU with substantial inputs from a long list of contributors, including CISU's own staff.


If you have comments, ideas or experiences with corruption you want to share with us, please contact cisu@cisu.dk


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Please send your comments, ideas or experiences with corruption on cisu@cisu.dk 

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