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Corruption can be dealt with. But only if you start talking about it, and take action. Keep your organisation alert by focusing on transparency, accountability, internal procedures and policies.


By talking openly about corruption you may easilier find a way to solutions, establish common values and agree on mutual expectations between partners, and within the organisation between board, management and staff.


By putting corruption on the agenda of your organisation, of the partnerships with CSOs, and in the relations with beneficiaries and other stakeholders, you will open up and adress difficult issues which might have been ignored or hidden.


It is not easy, and you might face doubt, and ask yourself what real corruption is and what is not. You might face tricky situations and dilemmas. 


Check our dilemmas with tricky situations from real life

The dilemmas are part of our suggestions for workshop material, but can also be used to kick-start a dicussion in your organisation. Have a look here.


Check the accountability model for inspiration and advice

Various stakeholders must be alert in order to avoid corruption. This version of the accountability model offers inspiration and practical advice as to what individual stakeholders can do to prevent corruption. Learn more about the basics of the model (link coming).


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