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A Civil Society Organisation without proper accountability systems is fragile and open to rumours about mismanagement and abuse of power. Sound accountability structures is the most important aspect to prevent and detect corruption. Use CISU's Accountability Dialogue Tool to build a stronger and more robust organisation.


CISU's Accountability Dialogue Tool can help you assess the status of your organisation’s accountability structures. It is designed as a self assessment tool to help you identify areas where the organisation is doing well and others where improvement could be considered.  


The Dialogue Tool is a set of statements that suggest practice that is commonly understood as good. They cover some of the key areas of NGO accountability. For each statement, you need to consider how well your own organisation is in line with the suggested good practice. By the end of the tool you will have an indication on how healthy the accountability structures of your organisation are. 


Who can use the Accounatability Dialogue Tool?

Every organisation is different and accountability structures must reflect this. A ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot work, but the key aspects of good practice are the same for most organisations most of the time.


As basis for the Accountability Dialogue Tool we have used the typical Development NGO / CSO. Normally it has relatively few members (approximately 15-50) and these are normally not the same as the beneficiaries but rather prominent and / or compassionate people who support the vision of the NGO.


How to use the Accounatability Dialogue Tool

The Accountability Dialogue Tool can be used by any member of staff or a trustee. You do not need specialist skills to complete it since it includes explanations of each section. 


The most useful way to use this tool is to complete it in a 2-3 hour workshop meeting with input from representatives from all the different levels dealt with: Members, Board Members, volunteers, The Chief Executive Officer, Senior Managers, and a selection of budget holders, finance staff and field staff (ideally 10-15 people).



 Download Accountability Dialogue Tool (English)

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