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You may often find it difficult to give a clear yes or no as to whether an action or person is actually corrupt. Check the dilemmas below, and sharpen your observations.



In some cases suspicions of corruption are caused by lack of clear, mutual expectations and procedures. It may also be caused by circumstances that are not within your or your partners’ control.



Face the grey zones and dilemmas upfront within your organisation and partnership to avoid misunderstandings and strengthen your relations.



Use these short examples as starting points for discussions about what is okay, and what is not okay. All examples are based on true cases.


Download all dilemmas with illustrations (800KB)       Download text version (110KB)



'Come on, they will never find out..'


A colleague of yours suggests that you should add a few extra participants at the next workshop, which you are facilitating together. Nobody will ever be able to detect it and it really is not that much money - really just a little extra pocket money for the two of you.


How do you answer your colleague?




'We are all equal...are we not?'


You work as a project officer in a small organisation. You discover that there are rules that apply to some, but not everyone. For example, all trips are recorded in the organisation's car logbook.  However, there are no records made when your director uses it. Rumours go that she even uses it to drive her children to and from school.


What do you do with your suspicion, and where do you address it?




Download all dilemmas with illustrations (800KB)      Download tekst version (110KB)


Illustration by Sammi Mwamkinga © 

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