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Robust financial management systems are important ways to help you prevent corruption. It is not complicated: British MANGO has developed easy-to-use tools, designed for humanitarian and development NGO's and their partners


Weak controls and blurry procedures are temptations for people to steal og misuse money. Don not tempt your staff, management and partners: Make sure you have a comprehensive financial management system


Mango offers some of the best available practical tools for building robust financial management systems in CSOs. Mango is a British organisation supporting CSOs all over the world with tool-kits and training.


CISU has succesfully tested Mango's toolkits and strongly recommends them.

They are well-designed, highly relevant and easy to use.  

Download Mango's checklists, manuals and other ready-to-use ressources free of charge. It is not compulsory, but appriciated that you register on Mango's website when you start downloading materials. 


We recommend: 

Mango's Health Check: An easy-to-use checklist which helps you see how healthy the financial management is in your CSO. Available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Sinhala, Tamil and Bahasa Indonesia.


Mango's Financial System: A simple accounting system based on Excel-spreadsheets and a user guide. Don not waste your time developing your own materials - just build on this!


Mango's Training Manual: (or Course Handbook) accompanies the training course Practical Financial Management for NGOs. The manual explains all the key concepts of basic NGO financial management, and gives a comprehensive introduction to the basics of financial management for NGOs.


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