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Robust financial management systems is an important way to help you prevent corruption. It is not complicated: British MANGO has developed easy-to-use tools, designed for humanitarian and development NGO's and their partners


Weak controls and blurry procedures is a temptation for people to steal og misuse money. Don't tempt your staff, management and partners: Make sure you have a comprehensive finansial management system


Mango offers some of the best available practical tools for building robust financial management systems in CSOs. Mango is a British organisation supporting CSO's all over the world with tool-kits and training.


PATC has succesfully tested Mango's toolkits and strongly recommends them. They are well-designed, highly relevant and easy to use.  

Download Mango's checklists, manuals and other ready-to-use ressources free of charge. It is not compulsory, but appriciated that you register on Mango's website when you start downloading materials. 


We recommend: 

Mango's Health Check: An easy-to-use checklist which helps you see how healthy the financial management is in your CSO. Available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Sinhala, Tamil and Bahasa Indonesia.


Mango's Financial System: A simple accounting system based on Excel-spreadsheets and a user guide. Don't waste your time developing your own materials - just build on this!


Mango's Training Manual: (or Course Handbook) accompanies the training course Practical Financial Management for NGOs. The manual explains all the key concepts of basic NGO financial management, and gives a comprehensive introduction to the basics of financial management for NGOs.


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