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A workshop on corruption can (re)initiate the fight against corruption in your organisation. This guide includes a range of exercises, presentations and materials for workshops, ready to use in your organisation.



Workshops on Corruption

A workshop is a good way to promote awareness and focus on corruption, fraud, misuse of funding and abuse of power in your organisation. The workshop creates a space for structured discussion - and maybe an opportunity for staff, board members or management to come forward with his og her concerns or observations.


The joint discussion of dilemmas and strengths/weaknesses in the organisation is a good starting point for improvements. A workshop on corruption can be a way to build a stronger team spirit and engage everybody.


About this material 

  • These workshop elements can be used by any organisation with an interest of exploring its own organisational integrity and resistance towards corruption.
  • The responsibility for preventing and fighting corruption does not lie with the chairperson or manager only. It is a shared responsibility: Staff, board and members. 
  • You can customize the material around your needs. Pick the most relevant elements from the list below and organise your workshop according to the time available and the specific needs of your organisation.


Things to consider

  • Who should participate? As many as possible. It is recommended to have representatives from all levels and sections of the organisation.
  • Who should facilitate the workshop? Maybe you can do it yourself, but a facilitator from outside your organisation will often improve the results
  • What about a joint workshop? Planning and implementing the workshop in collaboration with other organisations will improve your learning. 


Download materials


Workshop Topic




What is corruption?

To set the scene and open the discussion about corruption as a concept. It is important to link it to civil society organisations.

Download Exercise 1


Accountability structures in civil society organisations


To highlight construction and maintenance of solid accountability structures in civil society organisations as best anti-corruption practices.


Download Exercise 2

Download powerpoint

Accountability Dialogue Tool


Think like a thief!


To explore risk situations concerning corruption in civil society organisations - dealing with both internal and external stakeholders.



Download Exercise 3

Financial Health Check

To assess the status of the financial management of the organisation using the Mango Health Check.



Download Exercise 4

Download Mango's Health Check


To understand that dilemmas and grey areas do exist, when we put corruption on the agenda - but also to recognize that most can be handled and solved by having clear guidelines and openness by discussing these issues.


Download Exercise 5

Download Illustrated Dilemmas

Download the five exercises in one document.


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