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And overview over tools and materials for preventing corruption, building accountable organisations and case handling inside Civil Society Organisations in development work. The list is covering ressources on this website. For links to more websites, guides and manuals please click here.




Tools for preventing corruption and building accountable organisations:


1. CISU's Accountability Dialogue Tool

The Accountability Dialogue Tool can help you assess the status of your organisation’s accountability structures. It is designed as a self assessment tool to help you identify areas, where the organisation is doing well and others where improvement could be considered. The Dialogue Tool is developed by CISU and has been tested in a number of organisations in Europa, Asia and Africa.


Download Accountability Dialogue Tool (English)    Learn more



2. Mango's Financial Management Health Check

An easy-to-use checklist which helps you see how healthy the financial management is in your CSO. Designend to help staff, managers and board members identify where to improve the financial management in the organisation. Available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Sinhala, Tamil and Bahasa Indonesia.


Download Mango's Health Check (English)      Learn more



3. The Accountability Model

A strong and healthy organisation is legitimate, transparent and accountable. The Accountability Model offers a practical step-by-step guide to analyzing accountability structures within your organisation.The model can be used as self-study or as a part of a presentation.


Learn more and explore the interactive model      Download presentation                                                                                                      explaining the model



4. CISU's guide to Workshops on Corruption

A workshop on corruption can (re)initiate the fight against corruption in your organisation. A workshop is a good way to promote awareness and focus on corruption, fraud, misuse of funding and abuse of power in your organisation. The workshop creates a space for structured discussion - and maybe an opportunity for staff, board members or management to come forward with his og her concerns or observations. This guide includes a range of exercises, presentations and materials for workshops, ready to use in your organisation. 


Learn more and download complete guide and individual exercises and presentations (English) 



5. Dilemmas on Corruption: What is OK and what is not?

A collection of dilemmas based on real-life experiences from development CSOs in different countries. You will often  find it difficult to state with certainty whether an action or a person is corrupt or not. The examples can be used as part of workshops or discussions about financial and accountability structures in the organisation.


Learn more and download dilemmas



More tools and resources for prevention


CIVICUS: Turning Principles Into Action: A guide to improving legitimacy, transparacy and accountability in civil society organisations from Civicus, the world allience for citizen participation. Download.


Listen First: A set of tools and approaches that NGOs can use to make themselves more accountable to the people they serve, made by British MANGO and Concern Worlswide. Go to website.





Tools for case handling


1. Before you set op an investigation

CISU's notes on what to consider when setting up an investigations based on suspicion of fraud or corruption. Acting on corruption, and holding those responsible accountable, is very important in preventing corruption. But you have to get the facts right before you act!


Learn more and download notes






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